Andrew Camilleri

Welcome to Andrew's website. Here you will find everything that you would ever need to know about him.


Here are a couple of pictures representing some of Andrew's likes and interests.


Here are some of Andrew's skills and traits that would be useful in the workplace.

  • Ability to manage and organize information
  • Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments
  • Leadership and management
  • Positive attitude and behaviour
  • Computer skills
  • Reliability
  • Programming HTML and CSS

Volunteer Experience

Some places that Andrew has volunteered his time to. Places and organizations like TriKids, OCF, and many others.

  1. OCF Cheerleading Competition
    • Helped with making of the awards/certificates
    • Setup/Cleanup
    • Has participated twice in this event
  2. TriKids Triathlon Series
    • Helped kids that needed water and assistance
    • Cheered on kids and kept them motivated


Some of Andrew's notable achievements.

  1. We Day
    • Was one of the 10 out of 60 hand selected students chosen by his school Principal to attend this event.
  2. Junior Achievement
    • Create and manage a business
    • Handle finances, marketing, and product development
    • Build up a company from nothing